Homeopathic Remedies made from placenta

Homeopathic remedies heal on a vibrational, energetic level. There is a generic homeopathic remedy made from placenta and this forms part of the group of the matridonal remedies used to support clients based on symptoms as presented to a professional homeopath. Professional homeopaths in Ireland are licensed and registered via an accredited four year course and a two year CPD process. They are registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths on an annual basis and sign a code of ethics. If you are receiving homeopathic treatment you can talk to your homeopath about remedies made from your placenta.

Other matridonal remedies include remedies made from the umbilical cord, the amniotic fluid, the egg follicle, breast-milk and the human ovary.

Homeopathic placenta remedy made from your own placenta can be used as your child’s constitutional remedy for life. Some branches of homeopathy in Europe advocate this as a personal remedy for all children and do not prescribe other classic homeopathic remedies such as chamomilla for the symptoms teething and belladonna for the symptoms of temperature and fever/

Your placenta can also form a remedy for you, the mother during times of emotional stress or transition. It works on a different level to the homeopathic tincture but is thought to have many of the same healing properties

Examples include

  • Supporting Emotional health
  • Helping restore balance during Stressful episodes
  • Supporting Hormonal balance
  • Helping with the symptoms  of anxiety or sorrow
  • Supporting the immune system

Our encapsulators are either registered homeopaths or use the services of a registered homeopath. you can ask your encapsulator how the homeopathic remedies they provide are made (either the classical method or other methods), what potency they are made to (and why). and you can also request remedies made in water, in liquid form in pillules, in tablets or in powders.

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