The first few weeks after the birth of a child can be a magical but challenging time. Fortunately your body has provided you with  a unique panacea for this time; perfectly designed by you, and for you. Women across Ireland are now using their placentas to make healthful remedies, and are testifying to its benefits, reporting;

  • clearer skin
  • less hair loss
  • more energy
  • improved mood
  • less depression or baby blues
  • better milk supply
  • faster healing

Your placenta will be packed full of post birth hormones and nutrients that aid in recovery.  

Your placenta has been shown to aid:

  • Milk Production
  • Faster Healing & Less Bleeding
  • Improved mood
  • Energy levels

Irish Placenta Association specialists are located all across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our specialists are trained and certified to the highest standards and adhere to a strict code of practice. Contact us at irishplacenta@gmail.com and you will be contacted by a specialist in your who will provide you an information pack guiding you through the process of placenta encapsulation.

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